Original All-Purpose Seasoned Salt Twin Pack

$24.99 USD

2 Pack of our most popular Seasoning!

Do like the Pigman do, and replace your table salt with Cluck and Squeal All Purpose Himalayan Seasoned Salt.  

This is Firecook Marc Cardinali’s balanced award-winning blend of spices, paired with Himalayan salt (known to offer 84 minerals supporting many health benefits) designed to enhance all your favorite savory dishes. 

WE LOVE IT ON: Our table! Yup you got it! You don’t even have to cook with it. Just replace your salt. We add it to our mashed potatoes or mashed squash with a bit of butter. We can’t make it any easier to use or more flavorful to savour/ enjoy/crave/fall-in-love with!

BURGERS AND SAUSAGE- Add 1 tablespoon for each pound of meat

ROASTED CHICKEN & STEAKS - Moderately cover, you should still see the meat through the seasoning.

PRIME RIB & BBQ BRISKET - Cover well, marinate for one hour, and ensure the seasoned salt has adhered well. Add coarse butcher black pepper for Central Texas Style Barbecue flavor.

No Gluten, No Sugar, No MSG, Non-GMO, Allergen Free